1987 Lincoln Limo??!!!–??!!

Posted: September 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I love to hate my job, We get to work on some really cool cars here, not like your normal panel and paint shop with normal smash work and shopping trolly dents even though we still like those jobs, these types of jobs make it interesting and fun.

Well we have just had a Limo dropped off this morning.
Its well in need of some love and we have been chosen to do the job.

Most panelbeaters and painters once they have learnt the ins and outs can work like robots doing the same thing day by day.
But when you get dropped a rusty limo and are asked to fix it up for a wedding in 3 weeks time it gets interesting.
Nothing is the normal anymore, we have to fab up new panels, weld and grind our butts off.

15 working days to get around 300 hours work done on this job alone is pushing its limits let alone the rest of the work we need to do

The paint work is horrible, requires alot of panel work and rust repairs and a full repaint.
This will be a fun few weeks and test our abilitys to keep to a deadline.

Updates as we get into it will be as frequent as possible.


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