Its time for 4 n rotas again this weekend

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Every year i dread January as it is full of countless hours of last minute work for the nationals.
It has its upside as tonight (friday) i will get a full nights sleep and all the cars will be locked up in greenlane showgrounds awaiting the crowds on saturday morning, then for the pack up and off to meremere for the drags on sunday.

We have had a vast aray of work this year but has not been as busy as previous ones with big builds.
Carbon fiber flat door cards, Wheels, Bumpers, Cut and polishes to full change colour paint jobs.

Dont miss this weekend its the biggest so far with 280 cars entered into the show.

Any ways heres some pics and some links for you to check out.

The V energy drink give away cars were stepped up this year and they came through with a evo 7 and s15, dropped off earlier this month to get sprayed in the v green.

Falgs 5zigen Wrx

Waynes very tidy S14

A golf cart had a bit of guard work to fit the tires.

Some carbon sheets we have made

DefSqd the 626

And the shop parts truck is complete (minus the tail gate i am still fabricating)

Check out for all info on the weekend and the other nz events coming soon

Would also just like to thank all the people that have helped out this month with getting everything ready and my family for being so understanding!


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