Honda Cup is on its way and its race car season.

Posted: March 15, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The first person to take me up on my race car special was David, with his caged eg hatch.

So i have worked on alot of different cars and seen different way people cut etc to reduce weight but this one turned up and got me thinking looking and checking. Not what was gone but what was left.
Power tool happy i would call David, every part of the inside of the car was basically gone or has been ‘hole sawed’.
On the shell there was only a roof skin, floor and outer rear 1/4’s, nothing left on the inside, same with the doors they were gutted with only the outer shell left.
The fiberglass bonnet he had hole sawed the frame, but the next day he turned up ready to cut it out leaving only a border for a bit of strength.

Anyway, he had some colours in mind and i left him to pick, in the end finding a factory honda green that seemed right.
for the interior and cage he picked a mid/dark gray to reduce glare and set off the green exterior. The colours go really well together.

David is now spending the week swapping all the motor, suspension and parts from his parts car (very tidy eg already) hoping to have it finished and running by the weekend.

Keep a eye out in the honda cup and track days up and coming for this one.

build thread here

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