So when you say you want to make your kids first bed you usually mean a flat sided painted bed. This was initially what I wanted to do also.

But when I get challenged as to why I would not make the real deal when i work on the type of cars I do, I can’t turn that down. Many times during the build I wish I had. Yet the final product turned out as we envisioned.

So measurements were taken of the king single mattress we had and some drawings were done.
Next was to source all the materials to build it, find pictures to work from and get building. Not looking back at the f I got in school c woodwork the skill saw, jig, drill and tape were put to use.

1st off I set the projector up with the lights off against a full sheet of mdf, penciled out the shape of McQueen big enough to fit the mattress and cut it out with one for each side.
I then made the box for the mattress to sit in and base for slats to lay on leaving the sides high enough to stop roll out.

Next was to make a skeleton. I got the idea from the old dinosaurs you used to get in magazines and from watching my father building his boat.
Once the desired shape was there allowing for the staggered wheel fitment, it was wrapped in 2.5mm mdf and stapled onto the skeleton, this was then fiberglassed and filled ready for primer.

Wheel arches were cut, edges cleaned up and dismantled ( yes I did make it come apart so it could be moved) and primed.
With the second birthday of my son only a few days away it was time to get busy, paint was on within a few hours, inner guards and sills were blacked out and wheels and 14inch hub caps fitted.

Next up the interior trim panels were cut to the shape ready to be trimmed with padding and red vinyl, these are attached with double sided Velcro so can be removed for assembly.
A 6pm black foam tape was run around all the joins and trims to tidy any joins.

This left the final part for my trusty sign writer, stickers, they finish the bed off and tie it all together.

Around 150 hours later and plenty of help from friends it was completed and shipped off home ready for the little mans birthday. A nice lightning McQueen bed spread finishes it off perfectly.

I would like to thank everyone for there help and the wife to be for the challenge, our son loves it and I now finished my hardest project to date.

Next time round it would not take so long but if your wanting to build something similar I would start now, even if you don’t have a kid yet














  1. Lance says:

    Brooo!! That’s epic.

    Someone deserves a special fathers day 😉

  2. Leon says:

    Mate, you’ve done an amazing job!!! I’ve been searching the web looking for ideas as I want to build my 2yo boy a Lightning McQueen bed and i’m gob-smack by your effort! If you don’t mind me asking: 1) did you use real 14″ tyres cut in half or are they fiberglass? 2) Where did you get the decals from?
    Again, credit to you and all involved!!!
    Leon (Perth,WA)

    • gtrefinishers says:

      Hey, yeah it was alot of hard work, I used real tires, cut them 2/3rds the way across so i could use them staggered on the car as the rear is wider.
      Decal wise i could talk to my signwriter and see what he would charge but would be hard to get them perfect without him being able to measure up the bed,but he could do it. Not sure he would give up the file either as it was about 10 hours work. Just make sure if you are making one that you can pull it apart to move it, was the main thing to work out.
      Have fun!

  3. […] favorite would have to be my son Jaxons bed, It was alot of hard work but he loves it to pieces and it puts a smile on his face, At the end of […]

  4. madmerl says:

    Wow! great job, what is the dimension and is it all made out of plywood?I plan to make one for my 4yo boy,can I have a List of materials You used in that project.

    • Hey, not sure on dimensions, i started with the king single mattress dimensions and worked outwards. We used 18mm Mdf for the box and skeleton, 3mm Mdf to wrap the skeleton and fiberglassed over that. Slats were just pine boards i think they were 22mm by 75mm. After glassing the body you will need to skim it with filler then prime and paint. interior is 3mm mdf wrapped in foam and vinyl. Sticker kits the expensive part as it needs to be re drawn and digital printed. Post some pics up when your done I would love to see it!

  5. JamesB says:

    Would you make one of these for my son? I’m serious. I will pay you whatever it takes. Thanks for letting me know.

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