2006 Accord with Mugen Styling

Posted: May 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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So a few weeks have passed and we have been super busy.
Hugh’s accord was dropped in, factory black factory kit and wheels that didn’t quite fill out the guards right.
Along with the car came a full Mugen kit from Honda and another set of the same wheels with a bigger width.

Never in my time have I had a kit fit so perfect. I have worked with urethane kits etc but this was flawless. All tape was pre-applied, all mounts and bolts were there. Was a pleasant surprise.

Anyone that fits kits knows the constant let downs of poor quality kits and the drama it causes the fitters.
This shows how genuine kits are well worth the money.
So the kit was test fitted once only, the new wheels fitted and guards rolled it was time to pick a new colour.
I made up some samples and as it was a overcast day it wasn’t showing it’s true colours. Hugh took away the samples and waited for the sun to come out.
A black chocolate red packed with red zerillac pearl.
Any imperfections were removed from the car and it was wheeled into the booth to have the colour an clear layed down.
After a big fit up, colour sand and hours of buffing it was ready for a wash and to be picked up. A few quick snaps and off it went.

It’s always a shame when it’s a overcast day when a car is picked up and the full effect of colour is not seen but you can’t win them all. Lucky the camera picks up a bit of pearl with the flash.


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