Vik from Xracing is not the only one in the family into modified cars, his brother Sunny has also owned many in his time including a 10sec evo (he still owns) which will one day grace the drag strip again.
As his family has grown more he opted for a stylish new family car.
In the normal Bhatti spirit it cant be left standard what so ever. (I have even done custom work on the Mum’s car also)
Without painting the whole car we wanted to change the look so two-tone was decided to go with on the factory silver car. Black top, red pinstripe and all chrome changed to silver.
Some SRT wheels had been lying around for a while and had finally found a home on the 300c. A few coats of black and some red detailing on the SRT embossing to match the red pin-stripe and they were ready to go on the car to get lowered.
Next on the list was to install some Xracing Mufflers and a custom air intake and tints.
Now this is a sick family car with full usability. One day i would love to own something like this.


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