Tim has been around for a while with his Civic and been competing a lot but always wants to change up his car or if something breaks he gets carried away and does more work on the car.

3 years ago he came to me with some ideas and we had a big long talk about things that could be done body wise and that the car was in need of a tidy up and needed some guard work.
This time around he has gone a little crazy and had Gear X cut up and give his car a serious light weight treatment, along with a boxed in exhaust, custom fuel set up and almost a full under-tray fabricated out of alloy. The quality of the work is top notch.

Initially Tim had booked the car in and had asked for it back in primer as he was going to wrap the car and cover in decals like it was before. I offered a paint sponsorship and it was snapped up quickly.
A Satin Black finish was decided on and now has been layed down ready for the decals to be applied.

Interior and cage was painted in a machine gray without full gloss to reduce glare.
Tim was running fiberglass flares but it was time for them to go. As usual steel and as factory looking as possible is how we like to do it here so we started cutting, hammering and welding giving these wheels some clearance along with a sleek new look. (In the pics our new flares are just tacked on, we fully weld all our custom work)

This car has had the works done now and i think its up to Tim to show what its capable of.
I hope for his sake he doesnt break anything, I seriously dont know what else there is to do to a car like this but who knows with this one.

The car is now back at Tims ready for a busy week or so for him getting ready for the Honda Cup series, So keep a eye out on the track for him laying his foot down.






If you want to check out the build thread


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