So its time for a write-up on Vik’s 350z.

It was a few years back now and Vik had dropped off his stock red 350z for us to let loose on. Along with the car were a set of wheels which back then in little old NZ were big and ran a very low offset. (not so much these days)

Next to be dropped of was a INGS rear bumper and JP Sports front and sides and alot of carbon trims.

As the 4 and rotary nationals were getting closer it was time to get started on this transformation so the wheels were test fitted and cutting started.

The front guards were cut and spaced around 50mm at the top and pumped around another 20mm  in the arch.

We also dropped the lower part of the guard down the skirt and extended the back edge around an inch to overlap the door edge and give the front end some extra length.

Next was onto the rear guards where we prepared a new rear arch keeping a similar to stock shape, With this tacked on alone it looked very plain and bubble like. We then decided it needed a vent similar to some rear brake ducts etc so cut that in and added a top sheet leading to the door edge to fill out the rear quarter a little more.

Widening the kit was next on the list, during this process of chopping and glassing we discovered that the side skirts were actually 50mm lower than the front kit even though they were same brand and model kit. Only thing to do was to chop the front in half and drop it to match the skirts.

Nationals was getting closer and with around 200 hours down on this car and just over a week left to have it finished reality kicked in.

We got it in primer and picked a colour. Vick originally wanted to paint it pink but i managed to sway him into running with a custom cocacola brown.

We also air brushed then smoked the tail lights and tinted all the carbon yellow to match the brown as it had a blue/gray tone to it to start with.

Around another 100 hours later I was a walking zombie but the car was ready for the show.

All this hard work ended up paying off when we came away with 3 awards  and it was time for Vik to take it for his first drive in it.

Check out Viks site for aftermarket lights and mufflers.


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