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Mad Mike’s crazy idea and the first of its kind! Street drifting with a full pinball style set up.
No doubt the biggest crowd a drift event has pulled in little old nz.
Due to this I didn’t manage to get any action shots as the whole parking building and side lines to the track were bursting at the seams.
We started off watching from the end of the track named ‘the car wash’ which I could not figure out how it was part if the track but after Mike made a smooth power alone into it made sense. Next was Diago who managed to clip the corner post and give it a good shake up which gave my son a good fright.
This sent us to the play ground and watched on the big screen.
Any way here’s the line up of top quality cars.














Once practice was over and it all started it showed how well this day was planned. Full pinball with angle sensors, proximity sensors, real pinball sounds and real time scoring all done by computer and the sensors and a time clock.

Matt powers ended up taking out the day with from his second practice run you could see he had it lasted down.

Red Bull have outdone themselves for a event in nz and if there is another one you would be a fool to miss it. There is no doubt that Mad Mikes crazy idea will now go worldwide.

If you didn’t make it then check out tv3 next Sunday when it will on air.


We turned up pretty early to the Ground Level Hardpark, but as we
later found out, it would be a good thing. Soon enough, it seemed as
if everyone turned up at once. Both roads heading into the Ford
Building Car Park had queues as far as you could see.

We sat up by the roundabout coming into the carpark, getting the
chance to check out each ride before they drove around and around
trying to find a place to park. It didn’t take long for the place to
pack out.


Some of my highlights were seeing this E28 called “Fiona”.



What I enjoyed most was seeing the range of cars on display. Plenty of
Euro’s, Imports, Rotaries and even the occasional American car. There
really was something for everyone.











Overall it was a Sunday afternoon well spent. Nice cars, good people
so full credit to Ground Level for putting the hardpark on.








I would also like to thank Debbie Wisneski for sorting me out with a
camera lens for the afternoon.

For a full gallery of images, check outKaz Graphics

Hey readers – Just thought i’d say a few words to cover today’s NZPC Hardpark event that was held in Hootons Reserve in Albany, Auckland.

The day started with the usual trepidation about the weather, but as 9:30am rolled about, the sun opened up over the north shore in what was to be a brilliant day for us car lovers.

CJC had set up early, with a custom gazebo and their range of cars spanning the entire front section of the carpark. With the help from Wongs Kitchen, they had brought up a BBQ for a free sausage sizzle, bottles of water and V, and creaming soda for the sweet toothed.

Their member’s cars also spanned 2 rows across the entry to the carpark – an excellent start to the display.

They also had a drift trike that later in the day was used as a mobile camera mount, towed by a Honda Ruckus scooter! excellent work

The rest of the cars here were varied as usual from old school to new, reflecting the nature of the crew – its not so much about the cars themselves as the people. That said, the cars were pretty damn cool.

Apart from CJC there were at least 400 other cars that showed up over the course of the day, so much so that the entire carpark was filled completely full. This was way bigger than the previous hardpark and really showed the interest from enthusiasts even with only short notice about the event even being given.

A good collection of 90’s and 00’s japanese metal of course made up the bulk of the attendees, many sporting great wheel fitment, and many copying the current “stanced and stickerbombed” trend that is so popular right now

Of course no meet up would be complete with a showing from the pulsing rotary contingent. Many came and left relatively quickly, but a few remained on display for the afternoon

The Miata crew rolled in together and made for quite a sight

and the 60’s were also represented with a few fine examples, as well as some over the top ones (can you say crazy T buckets and v6 mini hotrods!?)

This little Suzuki Carry van was awesome all by itself in the middle of the gravel

Grant’s old ute showed up sporting a new colour on its rims

And there were a few sweet Euro’s representing as well

The standout cars for me were the 86 chassis that showed up. Ranging from beaten up street hacks to purpose built track weapons to immaculately restored examples, they all had that aura that just exemplifies the attraction to this famous chassis.

All in all this turned out to be a brilliant day, with many returning home to nurse bright red sunburns yet probably eagerly looking forward to the next big event coming up in the summer ahead of us. Well done everyone, and see you at the next meet!

– Nige

In the beginning or August we started moving, although its was only 30 odd meters what a job it was.
Getting settled into a new workshop is not easy and i am still trying to get used to it, As some would know the massive ramp we used to have is no longer a problem as the new road front shop has easy access and parking out front.
Would also like to welcome our new Neighbours next door Green Lane Speed Shop

Since moving we have had to get back into the workload and what a workload it has been.
Jam packed full of insurance repair work and repaint, we have never been this busy and have bookings out to November. With the 4 and Rota Nats coming up in Jan i can only see it being busier

There are a few cars to keep an eye out for this summer.

J Tunes Destroyer Wide body Evo.

DEFSQD 626 is finally certed and street legal and will be on the streets with a fresh new paint job.

X Racing ‘Vik Bhatti’ has a few booked in and another sitting here.

Eddies Cifero Drift car will be competing in D1NZ Pro Am

Niko Reid will be sporting his new S15 battle weapon in the D1 Pro this season.
Official Launch party for the new car will be held at Luxury Sports on the 1st Oct starting around 7Pm.

Shauns R32 will be getting a makeover.

The old Spec2 Ef Civic will be out and about ready for the drag circuit.

Pat’s Cyborg has been a while in the making and is near completion.

Any way its time for some pics and me to stop rambling.

Booth Being built

Booth completed

Jaxon Helping set up the new office

Full Shop

CSL Carbon Boot


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So its time for a write-up on Vik’s 350z.

It was a few years back now and Vik had dropped off his stock red 350z for us to let loose on. Along with the car were a set of wheels which back then in little old NZ were big and ran a very low offset. (not so much these days)

Next to be dropped of was a INGS rear bumper and JP Sports front and sides and alot of carbon trims.

As the 4 and rotary nationals were getting closer it was time to get started on this transformation so the wheels were test fitted and cutting started.

The front guards were cut and spaced around 50mm at the top and pumped around another 20mm  in the arch.

We also dropped the lower part of the guard down the skirt and extended the back edge around an inch to overlap the door edge and give the front end some extra length.

Next was onto the rear guards where we prepared a new rear arch keeping a similar to stock shape, With this tacked on alone it looked very plain and bubble like. We then decided it needed a vent similar to some rear brake ducts etc so cut that in and added a top sheet leading to the door edge to fill out the rear quarter a little more.

Widening the kit was next on the list, during this process of chopping and glassing we discovered that the side skirts were actually 50mm lower than the front kit even though they were same brand and model kit. Only thing to do was to chop the front in half and drop it to match the skirts.

Nationals was getting closer and with around 200 hours down on this car and just over a week left to have it finished reality kicked in.

We got it in primer and picked a colour. Vick originally wanted to paint it pink but i managed to sway him into running with a custom cocacola brown.

We also air brushed then smoked the tail lights and tinted all the carbon yellow to match the brown as it had a blue/gray tone to it to start with.

Around another 100 hours later I was a walking zombie but the car was ready for the show.

All this hard work ended up paying off when we came away with 3 awards  and it was time for Vik to take it for his first drive in it.

Check out Viks site for aftermarket lights and mufflers.

David Fan from DF Images Website And Peter Kelly from P Car were wanting to try something new, Pedey had the car and David has the skills so they went at it.
Here is a link to Pedeys write-up on it ‘TRYING NEW THINGS’

Let us know what you think.

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Tim has been around for a while with his Civic and been competing a lot but always wants to change up his car or if something breaks he gets carried away and does more work on the car.

3 years ago he came to me with some ideas and we had a big long talk about things that could be done body wise and that the car was in need of a tidy up and needed some guard work.
This time around he has gone a little crazy and had Gear X cut up and give his car a serious light weight treatment, along with a boxed in exhaust, custom fuel set up and almost a full under-tray fabricated out of alloy. The quality of the work is top notch.

Initially Tim had booked the car in and had asked for it back in primer as he was going to wrap the car and cover in decals like it was before. I offered a paint sponsorship and it was snapped up quickly.
A Satin Black finish was decided on and now has been layed down ready for the decals to be applied.

Interior and cage was painted in a machine gray without full gloss to reduce glare.
Tim was running fiberglass flares but it was time for them to go. As usual steel and as factory looking as possible is how we like to do it here so we started cutting, hammering and welding giving these wheels some clearance along with a sleek new look. (In the pics our new flares are just tacked on, we fully weld all our custom work)

This car has had the works done now and i think its up to Tim to show what its capable of.
I hope for his sake he doesnt break anything, I seriously dont know what else there is to do to a car like this but who knows with this one.

The car is now back at Tims ready for a busy week or so for him getting ready for the Honda Cup series, So keep a eye out on the track for him laying his foot down.






If you want to check out the build thread