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Aarons 180sx came in for some work including a wide body (the last we did in fiberglass), Kit and repaint.
Suspecting this was going to be a nice and smooth job things changed on us.
After stripping the car back and getting into it we realised the bay had been stripped back and painted without using the correct process. This caused all the steel underneath to have surface rust and gave us the job of stripping it back to bare metal and treating it properly ready for paint.

Next on the list was the widebody, we tried to fit the front fiberglass guards and as i was trimming the gaps i ended up cutting half of the mounts off. They were that bad of a fit.
I called Aaron asking if i could use his steel guards and modify them to be the same as his glass ones and the go ahead was given.
We rolled stretched and hammered them to give clearance for his wheels then cut into them to add the vent the glass ones had.

After finishing off the fronts we moved to the rears. being fiberglass i am not fond of bonding them as the propertys in steel ad glass are very different and it is heated up in the sun you can can see this. Steel rears were not a option at this stage but may well happen in the near future. We bonded the rears after cutting the factory guards up and rewelding them.
It was not a huge widebody we did was only around 40mm each corner, enough to be subtle but noticable.

The skirts and rear were cut up as normal for a glass kit and made to fit properly then we came to the front.
It was the only one that could be found at the time and i did not like it one bit, it didnt flow with the rest of the kit so that had to change. I sourced a s14 front kit that suited and chopped up both to make them work.
Using the top half of the s13 and lower of the s14 we came up with something that suited the car and we were both happy.

It came to paint and a colour was picked, black with a red zerrillic pearl which gives the effect seen in the pics.
Aaron had spent some serious time and money on the motor and that not only looks the part but goes just as good aswell.