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On the weekend we had Phil from Blast It Soda Blasting Services come and show us what soda blasting can achieve.
A cost-effective way to remove the old paint from cars. (not the only thing he can do check his site for other uses)

Manually stripping the paint off of cars is very time-consuming and uses up countless amounts of stripper, discs and sand paper. This would usually take about a whole week for 1-2 people to do and within a day Phil had the job sorted for us.
Not only does this give us time to do the work we are best at, but saves the vehicle owner a bit of money in the end and our minds from going crazy doing the tedious job of manual stripping.

Other benefits of soda blasting are it wont damage the steel like harsh sand blasting can and no warping has occurred at all and it only takes it back to the factory e-coat that the steel has on it. It will not take out rust or bog but that needs to be ground or cut out anyhow so no biggie there. Another to compare with is acid dipping where as this strip’s all the paint, filler and rust it takes it all away from every part of the car which means parts of the car you can not get to without cutting panels off will no longer have any rust prevention left in it. We all know this can cause problems down the track.

While Phil was here he had a go at blasting a couple of my old spray guns that are no longer used and they came out like new, It seems there are almost no limits into what can be done with this.

So the 65 impala was dropped off a month or so back just after purchase and was given the go ahead to do what needs to be done, We got it stripped down as far as we needed for the blasting job to be done, you never know how bad an old car can be underneath the top layers of paint but with this one we were extremely surprised and it is a great solid car with minimal rust in it.
Basically all the rust needed to be fixed is the front window frame, 1 door, boot channel, bootlid and a very small amount in the roof.
I know the owner is happy he has bought a good solid shell to start with and so are we, its nice to see a car that has really been well looked after 46 years down the track.

Anyway heres some pics and check back in a few weeks to see some more progress on this one.