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What a week it has been. A shop full of wheels, 8 sets all up to go different colours.

Some went gunmetal, white, matt black, matt gunmetal and gloss black with a red pinstripe.

One set of wheels was  a Audi R8 that has had a matt black and carbon wrap done on it. All i can say is what a top job was done it even took me a little while to figure it was wrapped. The owner originally was wanting the wheels repsol orange but going with bright colours is not for everyone, its  cool at first but is one of those things you can get sick of pretty quickly. He sent me a link and we opted to go for gloss black with a red pin stripe. All of it is painted and then clear coated. enough of my babble here’s some quick snaps.

Over the next few posts i will put up pictures of some other cars i have worked on this year already that are not on my website yet, with a little story about them.

Earlier this year I had a call from a good customer of mine to hear that there S2000 had been stolen and recovered. The people who took it decided it would be a good idea to spray can it black. Any car painters will know that spray can paint is not friendly to our high-end paint and causes a lot of problems. We had to strip the whole car back so we had a solid base to prime and paint. A tedious job but well worth the outcome to see it back to how it is supposed to be!

Till next week.