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We are usually to busy working to get a chance to follow any motor-sports here in NZ, but as we are heavily involved in the custom and aftermarket body work sides of things we decided it was time to support in a way we can.

After talking to a few of the big guns around that know who’s who and where they are going. Deciding that going for a up and coming D1 rookie would be a good way to go, everyone i had talked to had said Niko Reid was carving up like you wouldn’t believe.
His Win in the D1NZ Rookie series this season has proved this as he took away the number 1 trophy. (Even with a low powered car)

Next season he will be up with the big boys so a bit more power and a New look cant hurt.
We have the new kit sitting here supplied by one of his other sponsors Luxury Sports ready for us to fit once the car arrives.

Keep your eye out at the first round in Christchurch for Niko’s sleek new look. We hope he will still drive just as crazy as last season.

Check out a video of round 4

Check out His Facebook and Like the page to keep up to date.
Niko Reid Drift


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