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I found out tonight a sure sign of a happy customer.
‘Paul’ the owner of the 72 galant turned up this afternoon as i was laying down the final coat of clear, I looked up and was given the big thumbs up. Once i had finished up i took him in the booth to have a look.
To me it seemed as if he was struggling to find the words. With a grin ear to ear he shook my hand, said thanks and that its exactly as he had imagined and wanted.

The camera does not give this colour justice, Being a painter, you notice different colours have different depths and reflections once you lay the clearcoat down and to say the least this one pops.
After working on the car over the past 4 months it was a good feeling to get some colour on it.

So a follow up on the last entry on the Lincoln is we found a bit of rust.

Not alot of fun there but lower doors have been made and tacked back in.
We are booking out very solidly now with big jobs so if you have or are wanting anything done get in touch to book it in.