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In the beginning or August we started moving, although its was only 30 odd meters what a job it was.
Getting settled into a new workshop is not easy and i am still trying to get used to it, As some would know the massive ramp we used to have is no longer a problem as the new road front shop has easy access and parking out front.
Would also like to welcome our new Neighbours next door Green Lane Speed Shop

Since moving we have had to get back into the workload and what a workload it has been.
Jam packed full of insurance repair work and repaint, we have never been this busy and have bookings out to November. With the 4 and Rota Nats coming up in Jan i can only see it being busier

There are a few cars to keep an eye out for this summer.

J Tunes Destroyer Wide body Evo.

DEFSQD 626 is finally certed and street legal and will be on the streets with a fresh new paint job.

X Racing ‘Vik Bhatti’ has a few booked in and another sitting here.

Eddies Cifero Drift car will be competing in D1NZ Pro Am

Niko Reid will be sporting his new S15 battle weapon in the D1 Pro this season.
Official Launch party for the new car will be held at Luxury Sports on the 1st Oct starting around 7Pm.

Shauns R32 will be getting a makeover.

The old Spec2 Ef Civic will be out and about ready for the drag circuit.

Pat’s Cyborg has been a while in the making and is near completion.

Any way its time for some pics and me to stop rambling.

Booth Being built

Booth completed

Jaxon Helping set up the new office

Full Shop

CSL Carbon Boot


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