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Hey readers – Just thought i’d say a few words to cover today’s NZPC Hardpark event that was held in Hootons Reserve in Albany, Auckland.

The day started with the usual trepidation about the weather, but as 9:30am rolled about, the sun opened up over the north shore in what was to be a brilliant day for us car lovers.

CJC had set up early, with a custom gazebo and their range of cars spanning the entire front section of the carpark. With the help from Wongs Kitchen, they had brought up a BBQ for a free sausage sizzle, bottles of water and V, and creaming soda for the sweet toothed.

Their member’s cars also spanned 2 rows across the entry to the carpark – an excellent start to the display.

They also had a drift trike that later in the day was used as a mobile camera mount, towed by a Honda Ruckus scooter! excellent work

The rest of the cars here were varied as usual from old school to new, reflecting the nature of the crew – its not so much about the cars themselves as the people. That said, the cars were pretty damn cool.

Apart from CJC there were at least 400 other cars that showed up over the course of the day, so much so that the entire carpark was filled completely full. This was way bigger than the previous hardpark and really showed the interest from enthusiasts even with only short notice about the event even being given.

A good collection of 90’s and 00’s japanese metal of course made up the bulk of the attendees, many sporting great wheel fitment, and many copying the current “stanced and stickerbombed” trend that is so popular right now

Of course no meet up would be complete with a showing from the pulsing rotary contingent. Many came and left relatively quickly, but a few remained on display for the afternoon

The Miata crew rolled in together and made for quite a sight

and the 60’s were also represented with a few fine examples, as well as some over the top ones (can you say crazy T buckets and v6 mini hotrods!?)

This little Suzuki Carry van was awesome all by itself in the middle of the gravel

Grant’s old ute showed up sporting a new colour on its rims

And there were a few sweet Euro’s representing as well

The standout cars for me were the 86 chassis that showed up. Ranging from beaten up street hacks to purpose built track weapons to immaculately restored examples, they all had that aura that just exemplifies the attraction to this famous chassis.

All in all this turned out to be a brilliant day, with many returning home to nurse bright red sunburns yet probably eagerly looking forward to the next big event coming up in the summer ahead of us. Well done everyone, and see you at the next meet!

– Nige