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Mad Mike’s crazy idea and the first of its kind! Street drifting with a full pinball style set up.
No doubt the biggest crowd a drift event has pulled in little old nz.
Due to this I didn’t manage to get any action shots as the whole parking building and side lines to the track were bursting at the seams.
We started off watching from the end of the track named ‘the car wash’ which I could not figure out how it was part if the track but after Mike made a smooth power alone into it made sense. Next was Diago who managed to clip the corner post and give it a good shake up which gave my son a good fright.
This sent us to the play ground and watched on the big screen.
Any way here’s the line up of top quality cars.














Once practice was over and it all started it showed how well this day was planned. Full pinball with angle sensors, proximity sensors, real pinball sounds and real time scoring all done by computer and the sensors and a time clock.

Matt powers ended up taking out the day with from his second practice run you could see he had it lasted down.

Red Bull have outdone themselves for a event in nz and if there is another one you would be a fool to miss it. There is no doubt that Mad Mikes crazy idea will now go worldwide.

If you didn’t make it then check out tv3 next Sunday when it will on air.