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Hi All,

Thank you to all that came out on Sunday to support us!!!! Friends, family, co-workers, customers and suppliers we appreciated the support and Im sure all who went will agree it was one awesome day.
For anyone that did not make it you cannot miss the next one whenever it will be truly is a great event!!

Okay Results….

“Fractured Metal” took out 1st Place in the design and creativity category!!!! This is an awesome achievement and a testament to the hard work put in by both Metal Skills and Fracture. When we originally sat down to come up with an idea for the trolley (4 days out from entry closing date!!) we made the decision that we wanted to have the most creative and best fabricated machine out there and this is the payoff for all the hard work!!! AWESOME!!!!
We finished up 5th overall for the whole event from 86 trolleys which we are absolutely stoked with.

Thanks to the following….
Grant at GT Refinishers for the great paint job. Couldn’t ask for a better finish for our artwork to go on to!

Shane and Phil from Metal Skills. They guys did an amazing job of putting this beast together. This project gave them the opportunity to show everyone how skilful they are and taking out first place in design and creativity just proves it. AWESOME WORK GUYS!!!

Special thanks…..
To our brothers at the Fracture Media Syndicate….

Nickman, Jimmy and Rob we cannot say enough about how cool it was working with you on this mad machine. The feedback for your guys work on this project has been amazing and a credit to your awesomeness. Your commitment from the get go to make the most bad ass machine out there and push us to give deliver the best is why we collectively have the award!!

This is the first collaboration of what will truly be a memorable partnership between Metal Skills and Fracture.

Okay then check out all the links below for photos and stories from Red Bull website. I will also post images from up on our website soon.

Scroll down to see the “Fratured Metal” Team in all its glory!!

Most Creative
More Pics

The Team


So the trolley race is on this weekend and all the teams will be out testing and testing to get there rides ready.
The trolley we painted for Metal skills and Fracture is all ready to roll.
Check out there sites to see what they can do and where they can help you out.

If i make it down on saturday i will grab some pics of the other marvels and post them up.
Here is the flyer. Design is still under wraps.

On the 10th of April 2011 Auckland domain is the place to be.
Red Bull is putting on its Trolley Grad Prix again and it should be a good one.

With 100 picked out of 1000 applicants there builds have taken place and now its getting into the ‘fine tuning’ and ‘finishing touches’ to get the trolleys ready for the 700m race down the domain.

This time round we have been lucky enough to have painted one of the entrants carts and if i do say so myself they have done a superb job and the build quality is amazing running disc brakes, Motorbike wheels on a full custom alloy body.
I will wait for there flyer’s to be out before i post pics as we all know things like this need to be ‘top secret’.

Check out red bulls site