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Recently we have done a conversion that is not done much at all in the nissan world of front end conversions.
You cant buy a conversion kit or fiberglass parts (which is good as it allows this to be fully custom)

I am not one to be naming cars but i would guess this one would be called a S32 ( S chassis with 32 gtr front end )
My customer came to me asking if it can be done, well actually telling me i would be doing it and i am not one to turn down a challenge.
Along with everyone that came in during the project saying they have seen pictures before and it doesnt look right.

I started out with all the parts and fitted the bonnet bumper iron and s13 guards, then i sat the r32 guards and worked out where i needed it to sit and started cutting.
I wanted to keep the S13 wheel arch and door side of the guard so the swage was still there.
Once cut and i had all the parts fitting i tacked up the guards to suit checking clearances and gaps again and again. Along with a supermade kit this car was taking shape and everyone started to like it.
A supprisingly easy conversion to do compared to some of our work we do.
The owner came up with a colour of battleship gray so we went ahead and mixed up a custom batch and pulled it into the booth.

Here is a couple of pics of the final product.