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So its been flat out and the work has been pumped out lately.

First off we have had a evo 8 in for a steel widebody on the rear that will be used on the track, Plenty of clearance was needed and I had a good plan for that. Cutting the lower 1/4 off and tubbing the inner guard out further.
The owner had done what i think was a pretty good job at pumping the fronts out 40mm with spacing out the fronts and keeping some pretty good body lines and gaps.
Keeping the factory fit with tail lights, Skirts and bumper was a must as we didnt want to paint the bumper or skirts, a filler plate was made for the gap in the skirts from bringing them out and the bumper bolts back up to all factory mounts.


Next up the Audi A6, was a urgent job planned as a present, i was dropped the car and asked to do what ever it needs and if i was painting the whole thing it had to have a different touch to it.
To the drawing board it was! (yet i usually use the car as the drawing board as i did with this one)
So not having the time to paint the door jams i decided to run with a two tone (black over factory blue) with a painted pin stripe and some gold leaf with a pattern.
I have never tried gold leaf before but just went with it, I used up a few sheets trying to figure it out but got it after a few tries. After that it was time to unmask the leaf, pinstripe and clear it.
It turned out pretty cool if i do say so myself and im pretty keen to give gold leaf a bit more practice.

Daves forester was all completed and looking sharp, kit all fitted well and paint has a pretty deep sheen to it.

Also Pedeys impala left on friday afternoon after a big long build He did the last thing and bolted up the front number plate.

Now i have a chance this week to flick some paint on the cab of the pickup as it is now in primer and the wellside is getting the rust done this week.
Wheels fit well and will be quite tight with the guards from the looks of it, Trying to get it sitting as low as i want is another story!