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So once again its been a busy week! I am half asleep while writing this so be easy on me.
Carbon bonnet reclears, more wheels and some first times for me.

So i do alot of custom work and will only do steel body work, yet there is still a first time for everything and this week it was a sunroof plug. As its not a structual repair i thought i would try something new ‘silicon brazing’

Being younger myself i only got to try gas brazing a few times after i left school, it has been phased out but is slowly coming back in. Mainly in euro cars and if used in the right place for the right job works very well and is extreamly stong ‘close if not the same as mild steel mig.
I went and picked up all the gear needed, set up my mig and did a few test welds and was ready to get into it.
I put some bracing over the roof, cut my plug and got welding. Silicon brazing does not have the tidiest looking welds but thats what it is designed for ‘low heat’ to minamize any warping and to keep the zinc properties and rust proofing high tensile steels have.
My new best friend and will work perfect for alot of the custom work i do.
Here are the pics!

Thursday arvo we managed to get the Limo Primed.

Friday morning was a early one. At work at 6 and right into sanding it back.
Around 2:00 we had it in the booth masking it up and was spraying by 4. We were supprised we got the booth doors closed, I had about half a meter at the front and the back of the beast to get around.

Finally another painted car!

At this stage we are hoping to have a repaint update weekly for close the the end of the year along with other bits going on!

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